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Abused dog with duct-taped snout and gunshot wound, found in a trash bag

Dog found in a trash bag
Dog found in a trash bag
Daniel Rossler

According to Friday's NBC Miami News, a female pit bull, who had been shot in the head, was found with her snout duct-taped to her neck, and stuffed inside of a black plastic garbage bag, in Key Largo, Florida.

Daniel Rossler made the grim discovery while driving along Gun Club Road on the morning of July 22, reported KeysNet News. Amazingly, despite the grievous injuries, the dog was still alive when Rossler stopped after noticing that the trash bag was moving.

The dog, though horribly injured, was gentle to her rescuer when he pulled her free from the bag and removed the tape that was secured around her neck and face. Rossler stated:

She was very friendly,"

"She was rubbing up against me and she stayed by my side."

Rossler contacted the local sheriff's office and the area's animal control agency - both departments describe the situation as one of the worst animal cruelty cases that they have seen. Marsha Garrettson, with the animal control agency, noted the dog's sweet nature, despite the severity of her injuries, which also included smashed canine teeth and puncture wounds from dog bites:

"She was wagging her tail when she was with us, even after suffering through all that abuse,"

The injuries to the dog's body proved to be too much to survive - just one day after she was found on the road, she began to bleed internally and had to be euthanized.

The man who found her was heartbroken over the devastating news - he had hoped to offer her a permanent home after she recovered.

The cruelty case is under investigation - the injuries to the dog's body have led investigators to believe that she was part of a dog-fighting situation and had likely been shot after being injured.

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