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Abused dog abandoned by owners who moved away

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Uno's life has been one of sorrow and told by the terrible wounds which are hidden beneath his soft coat.

In December, Uno, a Chihuahua, and six other dogs, were taken to an animal shelter in Ramona, Calif., after a landlord discovered them inside of a house that had been vacated by tenants...nobody is sure how long the dogs were inside of the house alone.

The other dogs quickly found homes, but Uno sat and waited.

Uno's big break and chance for a happy future came on Jan. 3, when he was pulled from the shelter by the rescue organization, Love that Dog Hollywood.

Uno was taken to a veterinarian for a "freedom" exam after being released from the facility and it was there that the true horror of his prior life was discovered.

An x-ray and exam revealed that the little dog had a shattered jaw and his skull was injured around his eye...according to the veterinarian, Uno appears to have suffered the painful injuries from blunt force trauma.

In order to recover, little Uno is in need of specialized surgery - something that the small rescue agency which saved him had not predicted. Knowing that friendly, little dog has endured and survived more trauma than any dog should ever have to, his rescuers want to provide him with all that they can.

Uno is going to be evaluated at the Animal Medical Center of East County for the orthopedic surgery which will help relieve his pain. Right now, Uno and the rescue agency which is doing their best to provide for him, are in need of assistance to make his recovery possible.

Those individuals who are willing and able to help this little dog are asked to donate via:

Love that Dog Hollywood via PayPal (PayPal address, or to his PetChance page ( ) or directly to the vet at Animal Medical Center of East County c/o Jamie Lillard (619 444 4246).

Despite Uno's sad history, he has somehow remained unscathed emotionally. His rescuers shared the following words:

He has such a sweet disposition and is perfectly happy climbing in your lap and snuggling with you for hours on end.

His maltreatment and suffering for god only knows how long has devastated all the rescuers, transporters, and most importantly his foster family who are absolutely smitten with him and devastated that he has been in pain and been suffering. He serves as an inspiration to all who meet him.

He has endured such horrible abuse and came out not only with no behavioral issues whatsoever but as one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met than there is no reason that we cant do everything in our power to help him be healthy and out of pain as well.

Follow Uno's recovery on Facebook here.

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