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Abused, blind pit bull saved four times from euthanasia awaits new family

Banyan, an abused pit bull rests while he is treated for multiple conditions.
Nashville Pet Scene Examiner

Last week, I learned about a skinny blue pit bull that was left at a high kill shelter in a city south of Atlanta, Georgia. Banyan was labeled "old," "emaciated," and "very sweet."

His picture touched the hearts of many animal lovers as his image was shared across Facebook on the page Partners with Clayton County Animal Control. The "red lined" dogs marked for twice a week euthanasia days are all posted in a folder with links to individual fundraisers to help rescue groups cover the fees to get them out alive.

The shelter is very overrun but does care about what happens to the dogs in their care. And as a policy does not adopt out certain breeds including pit bulls.

"There is so much dog fighting down here," said one volunteer. "We can't risk these dogs falling into the wrong hands."

The pitiful blue pit bull's last day on earth came and went four times with him narrowly missing the needle before a private rescuer paid out-of-pocket to put him on rescue hold.

"I had to help," Bobbi W. told me. "There were so many people pulling for him to survive and I couldn't get his sad face out of my mind."

Banyan was able to get over $300 in his fundraiser and through the combined efforts of many caring individuals was pulled to safety, taken to the vet, and cared for until three drivers were able to get him to Middle Tennessee to a foster home.

"Banyan has been a real trooper," says his foster mom. "His tail hasn't stopped wagging and he's such a gentleman."

He is so sweet in fact that it came as a shock to discover that Banyan was heart worm positive, younger than expected, and is almost completely blind. He has signs of being beaten in the face and scar tissue left in his eyes from "acute trauma." He is able to see shadow but for the most part gets around by memory and scent.

He is also not the old dog the shelter suspected him to be, but rather around 5 years old.

Apparently someone tried to make Banyan turn mean and when it didn't work, they dumped him in the shelter all alone and without his sight.

Banyan is currently undergoing heart worm treatment and treatment for his ear infections. He is also going to need an extra special adoptive family when he's all fixed up and ready.

This beautiful boy is very food motivated and is fine tuning his manners. He loves to meet new people and may offer a kiss or two. He's a fun-loving guy who can also chill out on his bed and take a nap or chew his bone.

Because he startles easily, it is recommended he go to a home with older children and no other pets or separated from other pets. He is too interested in cats and tends to want to play roughly with other dogs, which isn't in his favor since he has limited vision.

If you would like to be considered as the new family for Banyan (AKA "Benny"), you can contact the coordinator at Out-of-state adoption applications are accepted and transport is available.

If you would like to donate to Banyan's ongoing care, donations can be sent via Paypal to

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