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Abused, abandoned and now on death row, giving up hope


Joyful dog on death row


Losing hope on death row.

Surefire words to garner attention for a dog whose life is at risk of being cut short at an animal control agency.

Pity the dogs who are young, healthy - joyous - friendly and otherwise considered to be "normal."

A plea for Gemma's life was issued early Wednesday - a plea for a dog that is so well rounded that she not only scored an "A" on her temperament test, but she has managed to stay alive, for months, at an animal control facility which is notorious for destroying dogs of her "breed" quickly.

Normal does not cut it - healthy and happy are not good enough to catch the eye of the people who are critical to saving a dog's life.

Gemma's situation is urgent - she is out of time and nobody, in months, has stepped up to offer her a rescue or better yet, a forever home.

Gemma, though happy and healthy, will take the same, sad walk down a lonely corridor as an old, blind, abused and/or abandoned dog - her muzzle will be bound and a needle slipped into her vein to prematurely end her life, just like a dog with a dramatic, sad story.

Gemma will be gone forever if she cannot somehow capture the attention of enough people who are willing to share her information.

The woman who took Gemma's original photo (shared in prior article) posted this update on Wednesday afternoon:

URGENT!! Gemma is seriously out of time!! She got an A+ on her temp test -- she's perfect Aside from that, she's a total joy to be around -- who wouldn't want that kind of love in their home??? please keep sharing!


  • Petharbor link here
  • ID#A4670441
  • Spayed
  • (626) 962-3577
  • Facebook thread here

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