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Abuse arrests Ohio: Homeschooled girls, 9, 11, repeatedly raped, saved by email

Grandmother 52, stepfather, 44, mother 31
Grandmother 52, stepfather, 44, mother 31

Abuse arrests in Ohio this week are alerting online teachers of homeschooled children. The repeated rape of two homeschooled girls, ages nine and 11, ended with the arrest of their stepfather after one of the abused girls sent an email to her online teacher at the Toledo-based Ohio Virtual Academy, reported the Associated Press on Feb. 12, 2014.

“The children all were beaten and tied to their beds, and the 44-year-old man arrested in the case also is charged with repeatedly raping his stepdaughters, ages 9 and 11, and abusing their 8-year-old brother, police said.”

Besides the abuse arrest of the 44-year-old stepfather, authorities in Ohio also took the children’s mother and grandmother into custody. One of the two female adults told deputies that the children had been tied up to their beds because they had been stealing food at the home in Wheelersburg, a town across the Ohio River from Kentucky, about 90 miles south of Columbus.

On Jan. 30, an online teacher at the Toledo-based Virtual Academy received an email from one of the two girls telling her to call 911 because she and her sister and brother were being tied to their beds and beaten.

Instead of ignoring the email and regarding it as a means to get attention, the attentive teacher alerted officials who discovered an unimaginable environment for the homeschooled kids.

In addition to being repeatedly raped, the children were “restrained with ropes and chains for weeks at a time, sometimes longer, and only occasionally were untied to do schoolwork. They also described being forced to take their clothes off to be beaten with belts and paddles, and they had marks and scars to match their stories,” said Scioto County Sheriff's Office Capt. David Hall, who didn't know which of the two girls had sent the email to her online teacher.

After the Ohio stepfather, mother, and grandmother were arrested for the abuse, “the girl and her siblings now are in foster care, attend a bricks-and-mortar public school and seem to be doing well.”

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