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Absorb the Goodness of Local

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It’s funny how history repeats itself, once upon a time all products were made locally and you would travel to far flung places like France and bring back a little jar of the most luscious face cream that was handmade with local ingredients in a little village in the Pyrenees. It had no brand that was known world-wide, no lab made chemicals, just local handcrafted ingredients mixed together by an expert who knew which herbs, oils, emulsions and essentials oils would create the most effective skin care.
It’s a trend that’s starting to emerge again, with more widespread knowledge of destructive cosmetic ingredients through sites like EWG’s Skindeep database, consumers want more natural, organic alternatives mixed in with the desire to promote everything local and eco-friendly. Local is naturally going to produce something unique and when it comes to Miami, we have our own natural skin care pioneer in Vice1960 by Susan Manzano, founder and formulator. Susan was first introduced to all natural skin care by her grandmother who made all her own products and when she was 7 years old, her first creation was a simple face serum consisting of lime and glycerin. Her father was a chemical engineer who indulged Susan in the delights of cooking and introduced her to essential oils, it was love at first smell. She loved the idea that you can pull the essence out of a flower or plant into an oil and concentrate it’s benefits for use. Armed with the knowledge of natural ingredients and processes she made all her own skin care which led to her being complimented on her complexion by friends and strangers, telling her she should start her own line.
When she started her own import/export company and became busy in life meant that she didn’t have time to make her own skin care anymore. So she went to buy alternatives at beauty counters where she realised the quality and effectiveness paled in comparison with her personal handmade products. She found that conventional skin care with man made chemicals didn’t absorb into the skin fully but left a layer of stickiness she wasn’t used to. Susan is particular about absorption, a subject she speaks with passion about. “A good skin product should be fully absorbed, leaving just soft skin with no residue that is sticky to the touch” she tells me. She also notes that busy women don’t have time to wait around for a skin product to be absorbed so she has painstakingly formulated Vice1960 products such as the V60 Face Oil to be assimilated by the skin quickly, leaving a soft, smooth complexion. While the heavier V60 Neck & Decollete Balm, used to treat the neck and chest area which is normally ignored, is absorbed through different time based stages while you sleep, giving the once neglected area deep moisture. Their last and third product is a rich facial scrub to brighten skin that smells of oranges, actually all of Vice1960 products smell of oranges, Florida’s symbolic fruit and the symbol of the brand.
Susan tries to get all the ingredients locally when possible such as the orange products and beeswax from wildflowers which are plenty in the sunshine state. In all ways she can, she keeps it local and I learn that everything from the packaging, to the boxes the products are shipped in, to the catalogues printed with soy ink are all from Miami based businesses. And if she cannot source something local then she focuses on getting the best ingredients available in the US. All Vice1960 products are GMO free, contain no parabens, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic chemical fragrances or colors and are certified organic. Take home the citrusy scents so native to Florida you can almost feel the sunshine on your face in Vice1960’s line, and indulge in local natural ingredients that make it a piece of Miami.

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