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Absolutely fabulous makeup brushes by Britain's beauty-maker Nanshy

For flawless foundation and makeup application
For flawless foundation and makeup application
Courtesy of Nanshy

About a month ago English company Nanshy sent me two sets of makeup brushes, one for the eyes and the other for faces, I since tossed out all other brushes and use these fabulous, natural tools exclusively. Girls, they rock. We're talking flawless foundation, eye shadow, blush and powder application with sensually soft bristles that glide over your face.

Soft and sensuous bristles glide over your face
Courtesy of and permission to use granted by Nanshy

Available on line in the U.S. at, the four piece Precision Face Make-up Brush Set costs only $44. They are so exquisite, soft and luxurious, made with soft, dense antibacterial bristles, vegan products and a thick white handle. Each brush has its hair properly selected for density and firmness. The silky effect that you will feel on your skin has been achieved by use of our specially designed formula.


  • Nanshy Flat Top Brush--Buff your foundation into the skin.
  • Nanshy Round Brush--Powder application. Great for applying mineral powders, blusher and highlighter.
  • Nanshy Pointed Brush--Highlighting (both cream and powder) and contouring much easier and more precise! Used also for applying foundation to your nose.
  • Nanshy Flat Angled Brush--Blend creams, foundations for hard to reach areas. Works well on cheeckbones and contours around your nose.

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