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Absent partner insomnia: Natural sleep remedies

It's hard to sleep when you're missing your partner
It's hard to sleep when you're missing your partner
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Many people suffer from insomnia. This can intensify when a partner is absent from the household. Natural sleep alludes us. We toss and turn, wondering how our partner is doing. We've become accustomed to that warm body next to us. Not only that but we miss our partner. This makes sleep even more difficult. What can be done without a prescription?

Wear your man's pj's

This natural sleep trick works well for male absent partner insomnia. Spray a little of his favorite cologne on those man pj's and slip them on. They're comfy, cozy and smell like your absent partner. If your partner is female, spray a little of her perfume on the sheets. These natural remedies appeal to the sense of smell, which holds the strongest memories.

Electric blanket

Curing absent partner insomnia could be as simple as something warm next to you. It's only natural to miss that warm object in the bed. It should be your partner, but an electric blanket or hot water bottle remedies the situation quickly. Try placing the blanket or hot water bottle in bed a few minutes before you get in.

Long distance pillow talk

Many couples like to talk to their partner about their day after turning in. Sometimes a phone call to your partner remedies this type of absent partner insomnia. Pillow talk is a great natural bonding experience for many couples. If this is something you and your partner are accustomed to, they may be missing it too.

Phone a friend

If your partner is absent and unreachable by phone, this is one of the best alternate natural insomnia remedies. This really helps on those nights when sleep is an impossibility. Talking to a friend is naturally calming. It can make us forget our partner is absent for the moment. Going off to sleep in a quiet and empty room feels pretty good after being bombarded with all the latest news and gossip.

Skip the nap

Skip napping when your partner is absent. If you're a natural napper, this remedies the situation quite well. The more tired you are, the easier it will be to conquer absent partner insomnia. That bed will seem pretty cozy, with or without your partner, if you are sleepy enough. So snuggle in and get some rest. You'll need it when your partner's back.


Insomnia is sometimes caused by a lack of natural melatonin in the system. When a partner is absent, we tend to be less active. This can cause levels of natural melatonin to drop. Spending a little more time outdoors remedies the situation. A bath before bed also causes a natural decrease is body temperature when getting out of the tub. This decrease also remedies the situation by signaling the body to produce more melatonin.

Remain socially active

We do become accustomed to doing most of our socializing with our partner. When a partner is absent, we might also stop socializing with friends and relatives. Things can get very lonely. Insomnia may be caused by unexpressed thoughts and feelings keeping us awake. Spending a little more time with friends and family while our partner is absent quickly remedies this situation.

Evening exercise

A natural drop in temperature like the one experienced after exercise helps signal the body that we are ready for sleep. Evening exercise can help us with sleep issues in this way. An evening exercise routine may help keep our minds off the absent partner as well. It also remedies that midnight snack habit.

Separate activities

It's only natural to want to spend time with the one you love. One of the best natural remedies for absent partner insomnia is to pursue separate interests on occasion. If your partner is the solution to all life's worries, insomnia is not the only problem you will face when they are absent. Maintain active interests and pursuits outside of the relationship. You'll be more interesting to your partner and have something to do in their absence.

Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not intended to replace professional advice.

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