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Absent Fathers, What is the Impact on the Children?

In the 2011 census, it was reported that 54% of children are without their fathers and the negative impact this has on their children is unmeasurable. Children without their fathers in the home proved to be likely to live in poverty. In another study, women who were in prison, over half of them grew up without a father and that in fatherless homes the children are twice as likely to drop out of school. Girls and boys react differently to the fact of not having the father in the home; women are more likely to struggle in other relationships and boys are influenced by the same sex parent has a stronger impact in their lives.

Fathers underestimate their roll, not seeing the impact they have on their children. Studies have shown that children with fathers in the home have better social emotional skills as well as increased academic achievement and decreases behavior problems.

Society has not done such a good job of trying to preserve marriages, which has a huge impact on their children. Children so often see parents who divorce and not taking their relationship serious and not seeing the benefits that come from a two-parent household. Children who see happy parents are far more likely to have a successful marriage.

There is no way to explain how much better children do in their lives when they have parents who have been successful in so many different parts of their lives.

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