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Abraham Mellish : Monrovian Chicagoan

Abraham Mellish shows off his flippin sweet emerald green Camry
Abraham Mellish shows off his flippin sweet emerald green Camry
Photograph by Marcus Dayton Bailey

Abraham Mellish migrated from Liberia, West Africa to Chicago and has been shining brightly in the States ever since. Currently, Mellish is relentless in developing his upcoming album, "Water No Ice", and is well coursed toward releasing the project for public consumption. In the mean, Outside Chicago bodies would be interested in seeing Mellish live for several reasons.
He shares his heart with his guitar and exhales his soul in joyful song. His performance is usually voice and guitar, evoking a reminiscence of Tracy Chapman but with an energetic thrust. Abraham's lyrics are uplifting, concerning tales of the human spirit in this plane and its encounters in life. No doubt his songs come from Abraham's experiences and ideas, going further in depth, compounding his style of soothing inspiration is his acoustic accompaniment. It's not folk, or R&B, or Gospel, or Soul, it's definitely a hybrid dynamic in classic fashion.
Abraham Mellish will be performing at the House Of Blues (329 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60654 ) April 16th. To find out more about Mellish and to check of his library of youtube video starring himself, please visit the website below.