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'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' trailer chops it up online

Audiences will be divided into two categories when Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter stakes its claim this summer at the multiplex. What will you answer after watching this week's hot-hot-hot trailer debut: Are you a vampire or a patriot?

The first trailer for Fox's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" has film geeks chopping it up online. What do you think about this summer's most audacious genre mash-up from producer Tim Burton and director Timur Bekmambetov?

For some purists, genre mash-ups may work better with music than with other art forms. That did not seem to faze author Seth Grahame-Smith, who scored with two best sellers that dared to toy with classic literature and historical figures. After the monster success of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies he struck blood (or gold) with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Sure it sounds a little odd, but imagine the possibilities when visionary filmmakers like Tim Burton and director Timur Bekmambetov sign up to bring it to life.

Adapted by Grahame-Smith and Simon Kinberg, the film version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks to take the genre mash-up to a whole new level (and not because it will be in 3D). The just released trailer is truly something to behold. Yet, despite possessing the quintessential popcorn movie sizzle, it also unleashed a hot box of comments with readers, for example. Ranging from supportive to mostly hostile, it is interesting to note the popular novel did not raise such ire. Given the book's popularity, it was inevitable that a film version would make its way to the fore. Speaking with director Timur Bekmambetov on the film's incredibly detailed plantation set location in New Orleans last year, the chance to realize Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on screen was too hard a prospect for him to resist.

"I like to mix genres," Bekmambetov said. "The concept is so unique, so challenging, I couldn't wait to step in and move it forward."

Part of a one-two punch for Fox, which is releasing Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, Prometheus, just two weeks prior to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, chances are film geeks will continue to scream into the endless void of the blogosphere. In the meantime, readers should keep this mind: Reasons exist as to why people will always prefer the legend and not necessarily the person.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens citywide on June 22. Check out Fandango, MovieTickets and NCM for tickets and theater information on all Personalities movies.

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