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Abraham Lincoln's day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

February 22, 1861 Abraham Lincoln stopped to visit “the Legislature at Harrisburg,” Pennsylvania. Lincoln was on his way to Washington, DC for his inauguration as president. After learning of an assassination plot that was to be deployed at Baltimore, MD, Lincoln decided to detour from Harrisburg to DC via Philadelphia. Allen Pinkerton the founder of Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, informed Lincoln of the plot. After spending time in Baltimore Pinkerton was able to learn of the plot from a friend who trusted him with the information; though, he betrayed his friend, he preserved Lincoln for his inauguration. In Lincoln’s words, Mr. Pinkerton had “urged me to go right through with him to Washington that night. I didn't like that. I had made engagements to visit Harrisburg, and go from there to Baltimore, and I resolved to do so. I could not believe that there was a plot to murder me.” Lincoln confirmed from another independent source that there was an assassination plot, Lincoln became convinced that the plot was real. In the words of S. M. Felton Esq., “The telegraph lines in all directions were cut, so that no tidings of his movements could be sent from Harrisburg, and all was carried out successfully.” Before the departure, though, Lincoln had dinner at the Coverly’s Motel in Harrisburg. With much notice, Lincoln took leave of the hotel to meet the carriage arranged to pick him up by G. C. Franciscus, Esq. At around 6 pm a “special train” took Lincoln to Philadelphia.