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Abraham Lincoln began the KKK and LBJ freed the slaves

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According to liberals, our understanding of who and what Republicans and Democrats are is wrong. Democrats are remaking America into a socialist state, and in the process they are rewriting history to corrupt the minds of the young and ignorant. They are teaching children that Abraham Lincoln's Republican Party that fought the Civil War to free the slaves is now the nest of anti-black racism. They are saying that old southern Democrats have become modern Republicans and vice versa when the truth is that Republicans overcame the Democrats in the South, but the North embraced their corrupt ideology.

Democrats who fought against freeing the slaves in the 1860s, and again fought against Civil Rights to stop oppression of blacks in the 1960s, are now blaming Republicans for what Democrat policies have wrought in the black communities. After being freed from southern plantations by Republicans in the 1860s that fought southern Democrats in the Civil War, and after being lifted from oppression by Republicans in the 1960s that fought southern Democrats again, blacks have gone from the southern plantation as cotton-picking slaves to the modern Democrat Plantation of welfare voter slaves. Under the Obama regime propaganda, the most ignorant people in the country believe that groups like the TEA Party did not form to combat Democrat taxes and spending, but to renew the terrorist arm of southern Democrats – the Ku Klux Klan.

America is descending into an idiocracy led by Democrats. Liberals are corrupting American youths to believe that the conservative policies that founded and built America are evil, while liberal intentions to remake America in their image of a socialist dictatorship are good. As America declines into the pit of liberal corruption, children are subjected to indoctrination to believe that the state is more important than the family.

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