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Abraham Lincoln and the railroad

There have been numerous U.S. Presidents that have traveled by railroad, but no other President is more associated with the railroad than Abraham Lincoln. Throughout his travels during his presidency, Abraham Lincoln made numerous travels on the train. He traveled by the railroad to visit Union Soldiers who were on the battlefield fighting the Civil War. The railroad was used to thwart an assassination attempt while passing through Camden Station in Baltimore. He traveled by railroad to Gettysburg to deliver the Gettysburg Address. And, after he was assassinated, his coffin was taken from Washington to the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois by the railroad.
Today, there are numerous railroad museums across the country that bear the name of Abraham Lincoln including the famous Lincoln Train Museum in Gettysburg which is just a quarter of a mile from where he made the famous Gettysburg Address, and a majority of the rail lines that he traveled along are still in use today.
So, the next time you see a picture of a statue of Abraham Lincoln, you see who many consider one of America’s greatest presidents, a man who fought to free the slaves, a man who had the famous beard and black top hat, and a great utilizer of the railroad.

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