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Abraham -- Father of Many Nations

Two-thirds of today's people revere father Abraham as their spiritual icon. Abraham is more revered than any other person of history.
Two-thirds of today's people revere father Abraham as their spiritual icon. Abraham is more revered than any other person of history.

Abraham – Father of Many Faiths

It is safe to say that about two-thirds of today’s people on earth know of and revere “Father Abraham” – the patriarch of old, husband to Sarah, father of Ishmael and then Isaac. From Ishmael (son of concubine Hagar) spring up a desert people—quite separated from the down-line of Isaac (descendants of Sarah). Since Sarah was Abraham’s wife, and Hagar only a concubine (believed to be of Egyptian descent), the “birthright” of all Abraham’s property naturally went to Isaac – and this very “birthright issue” was the cause of strife and intense animosity between the two cousin-peoples for the 4000 years since. The fighting between the two has been going on for so many centuries, most, for generations, don’t even know the ‘why’ behind their great chasm.

Abraham was promised by God that if he would lay down his weapons and promote the “one God,” that his posterity would be as numerous as the sands of the sea – “I will make you a father of many nations” (Bible). Abraham became an adamant student and follower of one, Melchizedek, the ‘king of Salem” (later became known as Jerusalem). Hence, there are more than 4 ‘billion’ people today (Jews, Muslims and Christians) who revere Abraham as their spiritual icon, and who lay some claim to the “holy land” --particularly the Jews and Muslims.

Something interesting happened, planet wide, toward the turn of the 21st century. There was a fervor in the land, so to speak, regarding this Abraham. Many claimed to be hearing from him — “as though he was speaking from the bowels of the earth,” according to National Geographic 39 page cover-story on Abraham – Father of Many Faiths.

As well, in about 1985, a small group of truth-seekers in Hamilton, New Zealand, began a world-wide movement called the Correcting Time Teaching Mission, which was under Abraham’s direction. According to the near 1000 transmissions from ‘father Abraham’ between years 1991 and 2014, both Melchizedek and Abraham have returned to today's world to help further the planetary brotherhood, a cause they instigated 4000 years ago.

The associations from New Zealand-Abraham, jump-started to the United States in 1991, and from there spread to many in many countries — a worldwide movement to bring about the “Fatherhood of God” and the “brotherhood of man.”

Perhaps the most noted source of Abraham’s teaching to today’s world is found at where Abraham reiterates the lessons/teachings he brings us today are usually those teachings mortals receive after earth-life when they arrive on the corrective “mansion worlds” – an intermediate place for correction between Earth’s imperfection and Paradise’s Perfection.

Here are some excerpts from transmissions from Abraham – regarding his role today and in answer to the National Geographic article of 2001.

[Woods Cross Transcripts – January 2002] SARAUNA: Abraham, what do you think of the National Geographic article that you starred in last month? Thirty nine pages. How accurate is that article about you?

ABRAHAM: Amusing, to say the least. About fifty percent accurate. I was just an average ordinary man, who has received a great deal of credit for many of the religions of today. This is such an example of how one person can affect history. You each will most likely do more than I have ever done and it will be good, but probably not newsworthy. I played a role in evolution. Evolution can be harsh and sometimes negative, but always growth-promoting. My superiors helped to create the article to promote awareness toward the Correcting Time, to create unity among the world's people. Many of you will be counselors and guides in directing this new world toward intelligent spirituality, practicality, not mysticism and superiority. Thank you, Sarauna.

Here is further interaction with Abraham in 1996 and year 2000:

[Woods Cross Transcripts July 1, 1996] RACHEL: Father Abraham, I have one that I have been wanting to ask you for quite awhile. In your mortal life did you have a son named Isaac? (Yes.) And was the request made by God for you to sacrifice your son Isaac as a test on you?

ABRAHAM: No, only within my own mind I was led to believe through a series of dreams, events and traditions that Father required the ultimate sacrifice as proof of my love. This was my own misguided understanding. Today we have many misguided individuals who still believe that their greatest treasures must be sacrificed in order to receive God's love and return love to God. Father has never asked us to sacrifice anything that would hurt us so severely, but many mortals believe that their adversities are just that, sacrifices made to pay debts or atone for sins. You are in understanding of my words, Rachel?

[October 2, 2000] RICHARD (from the Urantia Foundation): Who are you?

ABRAHAM: I am the Abraham from the Old Testament, husband of Sara, father to Isaac, student of Machiventa. I have been commissioned by Michael and His staff to return to my native planet to teach because of my mortal experience. This world is in somewhat of a state of emergency, so I have been asked to return and teach from my mortal experience, and because of my association with my mentor, Machiventa. I have a deep and abiding love for the human race. It is an honor to enter into this Correcting Time and help in the upliftment of Urantia. I am not so much as the books of old say I am, but more along the lines of the way your book says I am, yes. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.)

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