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ABQ's New Media Design Company

Nebula Cosmos
Nebula Cosmos

As many of you already know, I had been working as Vice President and CIO of Omnitrix Media Works. In that time I had designed, created and launched the web sites for our business entities including Sacred Spirit Tours (, Other World Radio ( and Pythagoras Conference Global ( while running those businesses in partnership.

I wanted to let you know that I am no longer directly involved with Pythagoras Conference Global, Other World Radio or Omnitrix Media Works nor am I associated with them in any other professional or working capacity.

I am announcing today the creation of my new media design and communications company called RICHARDSMITH.CO ( offering professional graphic design services for print design and Web 3.0 design, educational seminars for groups and conferences and online talk radio interviews promoted in tandem with online examiner articles, reviews and social media marketing venues.

As you are the first to know this, I want to make it clear that that lines of communication are open and ready as I look forward to discussing with you the opportunities mentioned above while exploring the possibilities.

The new company website, RICHARDSMITH.CO, is currently under development and will be ready for launch very soon. You will be notified of the scheduled launch as soon as possible.