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'ABQ Free Press' to interview Bailey Chase 'Longmire' in Aug. 13, 2014 issue

It has been recently announced by the newspaper “Albuquerque Free Press” (July 30, 2014). Betsy Model will begin a series of interviews geared toward entertainment. These interviews will specifically have a New Mexico link since a lot of movie & TV productions are now filming in the “Land of Enchantment.” Betsy will interview actor & director Bailey Chase in the Aug. 13 issue. He portrays Branch Connally in the hit cable TV series “Longmire” that has been filming in the state for three years now.

Branch Connally investigates
A&E television

The “ABQ Free Press” newspaper is free to the public. You can pick up a copy at over 400 locations in Albuquerque & Santa Fe.

According to the official website of the “ABQ Free Press.” They say that they are, “devoted to analysis, interpretation and explanatory journalism on topics affecting the lives of people in Albuquerque and across New Mexico. A significant portion of our effort is devoted to uncovering what the state’s other media overlook.”

“The mission of ABQ Free Press can be summed up as explaining how things that happen in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, the State of New Mexico and the American West affect you, the quality of your life, your economic freedom, your wellness and your civil liberties.”

The 3rd TV season finale of “Longmire” (A&E) ended on Monday Aug. 4, 2014. The extended 10th episode was called, “Ashes to Ashes.” The modern day western is set in Absaroka county, Wyoming near an Indian Reservation. However, it has been filming in the state of New Mexico. It is based on the mystery novels written by Craig Johnson. The popularity of the TV show has remained steady in the TV ratings. Throughout the 10 episode run of the 3rd TV season. It never once fell under 3.2 million TV viewers overall.

The role of Branch Connally is not written in the novels & was created solely for “Longmire.” Branch has been a huge part of the 3rd TV season as a deputy of Absaroka county. He went up against Walt Longmire for sheriff during the elections & lost. He is the former lover of Walt's daughter Cady. He was shot after investigating the hit & run accident that put Cady in the hospital. Branch has been haunted by a Cheyenne Indian named David Ridges who hit Cady with his car. David used tribal myths to torment Branch who then staged his own death near a burial site.

Ashes to Ashes” revealed that David Ridges was part of a cover up in the murder of Walt Longmire's wife. Branch had dark visions after David shot him in the stomach & also placed a black crow feather inside Branch's bullet wound. It was then tainted with “peyote” as bad medicine. Branch investigated more & found that his father Barlow paid someone to kill Walt's wife three years ago. Branch has been through a lot & it isn't over yet. Him & his father were involved in a TV show cliffhanger that involves two loaded shot guns. One of them was shot. Who knows?

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