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ABQ Design Co. unleashes new paranormal site

Everything humans know about life on Earth is about to be turned upside down, according to author and experiencer Richard Smith (a.k.a. UFOteacher). His new online presence, UFOTEACHER.COM — published through Albuquerque-based design group RICHARDSMITH.CO LLC — is a collective representation of his extraterrestrial experiences told through daring video lectures, controversial artwork and surreal literary verse. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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UFOTEACHER.COM gives all of its visitors the opportunity to stay up to date with Richard Smith’s upcoming events and activities via an email list for monthly news, a calendar subscription for scheduled events, and a direct RSS feed link for flexibility with all other web sites, blogs and online channels.

Visitors are immediately introduced to Smith’s groundbreaking lecture presentation at Temple University with easy access to his syllabus, outline and talking points for prospective conference, seminar and media venue organizers. His book, published through AuthorHouse, is available via hardcover, paperback and e-book download.

You want more? You got it! UFOTEACHER.COM serves up a healthy dose of riveting, mind-blowing artwork in a comprehensive gallery section that gives visitors hours of enjoyment. Art enthusiasts and online shoppers are encouraged to check out the Limited Edition Prints while taking advantage of the multiple and diverse items available at the UFOTEACHER CafePress Shop.

In association with UFOTEACHER.COM, Smith also publishes his own column, which visitors can easily access through the web site or via email list. Check out the Media Press Center and catch his radio interviews and discussions on extraterrestrial, paranormal, political, social and environmental issues.

A brand new radio show broadcast is forthcoming via UFOTEACHER.COM, as well as a new audio podcast subscription. An Amazon bookstore will also be made available very soon in association with the UFOTEACHER LibraryThing catalog.

For more information on Richard Smith, call 516-690-4059 or visit his Bio section at UFOTEACHER.COM.

4601 MONTANO RD NW #171 • ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87120-2465 • Phone: (516) 690-4059 • FAX: (505) 213-0647