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ABQ BioPark's summer evening programs

Nocturnal animals
Nocturnal animals
Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

The ABQ BioPark transforms into a new scene as twilight emerges. The sky grows dark, the bright vivid colors of the Botanical Gardens go dark, many creatures settle in for the night at the zoo while others wake up, ready for the night time. The animals and nature that families love viewing and exploring during the day have a different feel and learning experience to them as night falls. This is the perfect opportunity for both adults and children to learn about the way our environment functions when the sun goes down, as well and enjoy the wonders of nocturnal life. The ABQ BioPark has several evening and night events that you can participate in at the zoo, Tingley Park, bosque, botanical gardens and aquarium. These are not free or too low-cost but are a new way to spend your evening.

You can take a guided walk in the ABQ BioPark Botanical Gardens where you will "explore the gardens under the light of the moon" for 'Night Walk in the Botanic Garden." Participants will be guided through the gardens as the guide teaches about how the gardens function at night, including the changes in the plants as well as the new creatures that come out. You will be able to hear about nocturnal animals, view night-blooming plants and hopefully catch some night pollinators at work.

There is also the 'Twilight Tours at the Zoo' where participants are taken on a guided walk through the zoo to see the nocturnal animals that are awake at twilight. While you won't be able to see all the animals during this time, the tour will highlight those who will be active at night instead of asleep. You will be able to observe the nocturnal animal's interesting behavior, which is a cool feature that can't be observed during normal zoo hours.

Take one of the 'Bosque Moonlit Hikes' where participants go on a guided hike through the bosque. Learn more about the wetlands, and search them for nocturnal creatures such as bats and owls. The tour starts at the Tingley Beach station and expolres the nearby bosque.

If you'd rather spend the evening with sharks, fish and sea life, then try on of ABQ BioPark Aquarium's 'Aquarium Overnight' event. These take place monthly and allows participants to spend the night in the aquarium. "Learn about ocean species and their fascinating nighttime behavior. Participate in fun games and crafts, meet marine animals up-close in the touchpool and unwind during our Marine Movie Marathon in the theater."

Each of these events are not free. They run about $10/adult and $5 for children over 3. The aquarium is $30/person. If you are a member you will have to check if there is a discount as they sometimes offer discounts to additional events for members.

There is also Summer Nights Concerts, Roar and Snore at the Zoo, and other evening and night events that may happen once or twice a year.

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