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'Above Suspicion Set 3' DVD Review

'Above Suspicion Set 3'
'Above Suspicion Set 3'
Acorn Entertainment

The murder of an actress brings former colleagues back together to solve the murder. DCS James Langton (Ciaran Hinds) was passed over for a promotion. His girlfriend and former co-worker DI Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly) is now up for a promotion and he thinks she had something to do with his promotion being turned down. His team had worked a murder and it somehow got botched. Langton took the blame and now he has a chip on his shoulder and wants to find out who ratted him out.

A young actress is murdered at home and there is little to go on. Langton is brought in over Travis and there is some tension. Langton is looking at everyone and there is much that is not getting done about the murder. He comes in and makes the lot do extra work. He knows if he can get this case solved in quick time he may get that promotion. You see he came up through the ranks unlike everyone else who went to college and are on the fast track to good jobs. His team is having a hard time getting people involved in the actress's life to come forward and give proper testimony.

Her parents were estranged from their daughter and are forthcoming with info. The actress turns out to be a junkie, had illicit affairs, and enjoy the publicity of it all. Her own manager seemed to have been possibly stealing from her. People she lived with weren't to be trusted. The numerous men and their wives wanted her harm in one shape or form. Finally, the possibility of a tell all book was on the table though not written, so some people like maybe her drug dealers and sex partners could have wanted her dead. The team has to muddle through all the gossip to get to the truth of who actually followed through.

Acorn Entertainment once again is bringing one of it's best from across the shore from jolly old England. Once again all you mystery buffs have a great show to entertain you. The release date for the DVD is February 25, 2014.

The quality of sound and visuals are once again beyond reproach. Anytime you have the desire to purchase one of Acorn's many mystery's you always know it's of good sound quality. So my suggestion when this DVD becomes available you may want to pick it up and put it in your library. Enjoy.