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Above Ground and Below the Sea Non-Profits Are at Work

We all are responsible for ocean conservation
We all are responsible for ocean conservation

We see them in our neighbors’ backyards. The peach, apple and other fruit that we have no idea what kind lay on the ground slowly rotting. However, there are hundreds of trees whose bounty does not go to waste.

Based in Long Beach, Cal Harvest's mission is to gather up that produce and donate it to local food shelters. The all-volunteer organization was founded in January 2009 in honor of Martin Luther King. Since its inception, Cal Harvest volunteers have collected more than 40,000 pounds of produce from Long Beach residents’ home gardens and fruit trees.

Residents who want to donate their fruit can call them to arrange for volunteers to collect the produce. A site visit is made a few weeks before scheduling the harvest to learn what type of fruit will be picked and determine the number of volunteers needed to pick the fruit. To learn more you can contact them at (323) 678-6036; or

If you want to volunteer, they have an event coming up on Saturday, Oct. 20. The event information is listed below.
Garden Party
3646 Lemon, Bixby Knolls, Long Beach, California
Saturday, October 20, 2013 from 3-6 p.m.
Bring yourself or a guest.
For those who want to donate directly, their Web site lists local food banks in the Long Beach and surrounding areas.

Under the Sea
We are familiar with the lyrics of an old song: “by the sea, by the beautiful sea." The Sea Save Foundation is a volunteer driven organization with the mission to promote ocean conservation. Its programs educate others about the ocean, raise awareness and promote environmental stewardship.

Based in Malibu, CA, the organization’s efforts also focus on protecting sea life. “Give him a fin sign” is a one effort to raise awareness about the practice of fishermen who will throw away the shark body and just keep the shark fins. After the fins are cut off, the shark is tossed overboard. Since they can’t swim, they will eventually die. Volunteers have set out to collect, according to the organization, 50,000 photographs of people giving the fin sign.

Those of us who may be lovers of the ocean from the seashore can support them by volunteering or making a financial donation. Those hearty souls who enjoy deep-sea diving can volunteer to join one of their “Dive 4 a difference” program. Divers can sign up to join an international team of other volunteers to join them on one of their deep-sea expeditions. If you haven’t accrued enough vacation time, many recreational divers spend their time underwater detailing life below and sharing that information (images, data, etc.) with teachers, students, and scientists.

Sea Save Foundation is located up our beautiful coast at 22837 Pacific Coast Hwy. #110, Malibu, CA 90625; 310-458-1020. You can also “surf” the Internet at

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