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About Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, a Prince and the case of the missing Sex Toys

Michael or the Prince? That's the question
Michael or the Prince? That's the question
Prinz von Anhalt

Today is the last day of filming of Liberace at the famed Zsa Zsa Gabor mansion and an unexpected drama unfolds as flamboyant as the outlandish artist himself: missing of the Liberace Sex Toys. The National Enquirer reported today: Sex toys keep disappearing mysteriously from the set of HBO’s new LIBERACE movie “Behind the Candelabra” – starring MICHAEL DOUGLAS as the mincing, prancing pianist and MATT DAMON as his fluffy toy boy – and the kinky thefts are driving producers, cast and, NUTS! It seems a ghost is lurking in the Zsa Zsa mansion trying to find some pleasure, gone are sexy fur-lined handcuffs, dildos, vibrators and the appetite for the “sex toy ghost” seems endless, assistants to the movie had to drive to the famed Hustler store on Sunset more than a dozen times to get sexy replacements. So who’s the sex-craved ghost? The crew points their finger to the charming Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, famed husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Are we truly talking about a royal Sex-toy thief? Von Anhalt vehemently denies any kinky wrong-doings on Facebook” it’s absolutely outrageous to think that I am the thief of the missing Sex toys. My entire life I’ve never used nor had to use them and now I am definitely too old. I leave all that kinky stuff to Sissies. Of course I kept all Dildos, hand and everything that was lying around after the shoot, for Souvenir- purposes only of course and I don’t’ intent to use those kinky items on myself.” What has the crew to say about the weird Sex Toy thefts? Mischievous Matt Damon thinks it’s got to be Michael Douglas who’s stealing the fun gadgets!!”