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About Investing in Brazil

By the end of 2009, based on The Economist briefing on emerging markets and recession, Brazil was the largest and only developing country to recoup all the stock market losses suffered during 2008.

Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Building

Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Building

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Small Brazilian Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship, creativity, sense of opportunity and urgency is in the blood of those who have chosen to live in Brazil or, more specifically, Sao Paulo. They are descendants of the first arrivals from Portugal in the year 1500, and later mixed with the refugees from the Napoleon war when the entire cohort of the King of Portugal fled that country. A second colonization wave hit the country during WWI and WWII, this time Eastern Europeans and many Japanese joined the population.

Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. In the great Sao Paulo, the largest urban area in the Southern Americas where some 20 million people battle their living in the monsoon summer rains. As soon as the first rain drops fall down, a legion of street sellers seem to spawn from the ground with umbrellas and shower caps. The set of 3 costs Ten Brazilian Reais which is equivalent to approximately 5 US Dollars.

Brazilian Races
When one wanders the streets, the faces and demeanor of the people are so multiple and varied as the flowers and trees. There is no Afro-Brazilian, no Asian-Brazilian, and inheritance from another country is not cherished as in the US. All who live there are Brazilians. Call them by their first names.

Brazilian Stock Market
Sao Paulo Stock Exchange has been housing many of the fastest growing companies in the world with a market cap of US$ 1.5 trillion in 2008. Brazil has been independent from oil producers for a number of years and their oil company Petrobras (NYSE:PBR) has an upper ticker on their side. Multi-million dollar investments in transportation industry and mergers and acquisitions in the airline sector (of all places!) have been on the rise in the past couple of years. There will be more about that on my next postings.

Brazilians and Americans
Independent of which political party is in power in the US, Americans are beloved and cherished as rock stars or royalty in Brazil. Any American that arrives with a good heart and a good head will make friends and money. Aside from business meetings and dealings, they will be invited by their partners to a Brazilian-style barbecue every weekend and to join in group and family parties as if they were long-lost friends just found anew.

Brazilian food will be the topic of another article in this website. Stay tuned.


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