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About Candidate Rick Ramos - from Cuba to the 308th District Family Court


       Rick Ramos for 308th Family District Court

Rick Ramos is a candidate for Judge in the 308th Family District Court.  He and three other contenders - James Lombardino, Alice O'neill, and William "Sumpter" Frazier - are all Republicans campaigning to replace retiring Judge Georgia Dempster.  The race is currently in the primary stage with the election date of March 2, 2010 fast approaching. 

Ramos' story is unique. His family escaped from Cuba when he was a young boy, and his journey eventually landed him in the 308th District Court as a law clerk. He built his own practice over the years and is raising a family in Houston.

His story:

I was born in a suburb of Havana, Cuba called Mariano. When I was 9 years old, my father decided to leave Cuba to escape the communist dictator Fidel Castro. The Cubans were one of few foreigners that were given residency in the U.S. once we reached U.S. soil. I would like voters to know that we left in the middle of the night on a small vessel in the heart of the Gulf storm season. We encountered stormy seas and would have capsized if it were not for the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard. Both stayed with our vessel through the night breaking the stormy waves and preventing a direct impact on the ship. I was scared, but by morning we had reached Key West, Florida. Once in the U.S., my dad worked 3 jobs and we settled into a 1 bedroom apartment for a family of four. 

Here in America, we had rights. We could worship on Sunday. We did not have to read the Bible or pray in a basement hoping no one would hear us and tell the goverment, which meant in a jail sentence in Cuba. Here you could debate and challenge the Goverment. Here the Goverment did not control your every day life. Here there was no socialized health care, education, and transportation.  Here was a Bill of Rights where the goverment had to obtain a search warrant and had to show cause before breaking into your home and arresting your family. What a great place! I did not know such a great society of people existed in the world. This is why my parents risked life and limb to come here. Here you were responsible for your own success and failure.

I am a conservative because I believe in less goverment intrusion, pro life, pro Second Amendment, strong military, pro religion, less taxes, family values, and marriage between a man and woman. I am running as a conservative candidate for Judge of the 308th Family Court of Harris County because I believe Judges should follow the U.S. Constitution, strictly apply the rule of law, not legislate from the bench, and create new law. I could never be a liberal, because of my above-mentioned life experiences and principles as a conservative.

The term RINO was created for elected officials and candidates who are "Republican In Name Only". Unfortunately, we have our fair share within our own party. In my particular race in the 308th Family Court I am the only candidate who has been a law clerk in the 308th District Court, tried bench and jury trials on every family law issue, named Texas Monthly Magazine's Super Lawyers Texas Rising Stars in 2004 and 2005 in the area of Family Law as voted by my peers, served as a court-appointed attorney in all family courts, represented private clients in complex custody and property issues, and served as a Family Law Mediator.

I am married and have three children. I am Christian and a member of Faith Lutheran Church. I am very involved within our community. I am a parent volunteer at my kids' school and very active with their extra curricular activities and daily routines. I have volunteered at the YMCA and coached in the Bellaire Little League system. Additionally, I am fluent in English and Spanish.

The primary reason why I am running for office is to give something back to this great country that has been so good to my family. When I am elected, I will be successful because of my work ethic and understanding of the law. Part of being a judge is understanding that the general public pays our salaries. Thus we are public servants and work for the people. My responsibility is to work hard, and to make sure cases in the 308th are being handled timely and justly to avoid goverment waste of your tax dollars. Our costituents have to be invited to the Court to watch how matters are being handled and the procedures that are in place. This form of transparency develops trust and confidence in the electorate. This will assure the contituents that I kept my word on a values platform through which I earned their vote. Finally, I am the best, strongest, well-funded candidate to give the Republican party the best chance at taking Harris County back to the "right side" in the November general election.

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  • sarah 5 years ago

    no cubans, if you are not born and raised in the USA, then we cant trust you.

  • The One who lost 5 years ago

    I lost my case because of him, and he represented and alcoholic, and a father who put my dughter at risk with his "famous" bartender girlfriend (now his wife)............He literally told me to go and clean houses when my career is Healthcare, knowing I had a chronic disease, and being an American he decided to defend a Non-American, alcoholic and Porn addict. Do not see anything CONSERVATIVE on his part. And I will never give him MY VOTE!!! NEITHER MY FRIENDS

  • Becky 5 years ago

    I'm ready to file a lawsuit against his office. They are about to cause me to lose the house I'm trying to buy, because they won't complete the paperwork I need to get my savings from my divorce. You can't ever talk to him. I was treated rudely by his staff and they have held everything up for months! I wouldn't recommend him to my worst enemy.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    this bastard is bias!! he ALMOST ruined my life but i fought back! he has nooo room to judge! he had an affair with some lawyer, got her pregnant, and had the nerve to sit up in his chair and judge me??!! only god can judge me you fool! im grateful to god your not a judge any longer so you wont cause damage like you did to me!

  • D h 1 year ago

    This judge is horrible a money hungry pos!!!! I lost my kids because I could pay his amicus buddy !!! He is the worst he is in American and not even American

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