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about apamin


Every weekday morning, I drive my son to school. Usually we take Lake Shore Drive, and during these rides, we talk and listen to the radio. Recently, an advertisement for a Weight Loss product has gotten stuck in my head. This is about a product containing Apamin. Yes!, APAMIN. It was hard to believe. I don’t really know whether the product works or not. Actually, I am not here to talk about the product.

I found this very striking that Apamin is found in a non-prescription-required product. Apamin is one of the components of the bee venom. It is a peptide, which is a little chain of amino acids, such as proteins, and his name comes from “apis”, which is bee in Latin.

Apamin is a toxin and affects ion channels, which are very important proteins embedded in the plasma membrane of any living creature. For electronic aficionados, ion channels works as a transistor. Without them the electrical activity of our nerves and muscles would not be possible.

Apamin has been implicated in the learning in lab animals. In South Korea, researchers have found that farm pigs show improvement in their immune system performance and increases their body weight when treated with the toxin.

Although Apamin has been proposed as potential pharmaceutical tool for treatment of a number of affection, more research is due. Remember, Apamin is a toxin.

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