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Abortion takes another blow to the gut

Hobby Lobby Stands Right with God
Hobby Lobby Stands Right with God
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ObamaCare mandates that employers provide “contraceptives” to their employees. To include the “Morning After” pill that in essence kills and destroys a fertilized egg in the womb the day after sex. Is it a true contraceptive or a convenient chemical abortion of a viable baby in the womb? How convenient, to have casual sex the night before and never have to face the guilt of a surgical abortion after you are up to twenty weeks pregnant. Luckily for Texans, abortions are getting hard to come by. Perhaps, now she will think a little harder about that night of casual unprotected sex, especially if she works for a company that holds Godly beliefs.

The Democrats call it a “War on Women” and women's rights anytime their abortion agenda is pushed back and defeated. The Republicans need to grow some and begin to call it a “War against the killing of unborn babies”. But really, isn't it just a war on who is going to be in control. Hasn't it always been a war on who is going to tell you what you can or cannot do?

Mark Sherman of the Associated Press reports today that the Supreme Court ruled with a vote of 5-4 that the government cannot make some employers cover contraception. Corporations by law are considered “persons”. And if this “person” holds religious beliefs against abortion they then have a right to not have to be forced into providing a convenient method of abortion to their female employees.

Once in awhile, there is a slight sliver of light in the darkness of this country. Hopefully, more to come and eventually the darkness will have to pull back as LIGHT always triumphs darkness. One has to ask their self why they would associate themselves with the Democratic Party, a party that has boldly distinguished itself as an Un-Godly party that promotes homosexuality and abortions and always under the guise of protecting your rights. Yet it is the Democratic Party who tells you that you cannot drink a Big Gulp, it is the Democratic Party that tells you that you cannot send your child to school with a bag lunch, it is the Democratic Party that tells you that you cannot wear fragrance. It is the Democrat party that tells you that you cannot oppose anything Un-Godly. Still want to vote Democrat?