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Abortion’s Arguments: Christianity and Darwinism

We must openly admit that people have done terrible things in the name of Christianity (see note [1] below). However, when “Christians” acts in a violent and oppressive manner, they are acting in direct violation of the teachings and ethics which they claim uphold. To say that Christians are hateful and murderous is to bestow upon mere man the power to change theology.

On the other hand, consider people whose worldview is based on Darwinian (survival of the fittest) and our origins are an accident of matter. When they act in a violent, murderous manner, they are not violating anything at all (with the possible, only possible, exception of the mores de jour).

Consider Adolf Hitler, was highly motivated by the Darwin’s theory of evolution in its various interpretations (social Darwinism, eugenics, etc.). Hitler opposed the abortion of German / Aryan babies but encouraged the abortion of non-German / non-Aryan babies (see here).

Abortion is also highly influenced by evolution. Consider, for example, that it was supposedly buttressed by Ernst Haeckel’s drawings of human embryos developing in the womb (which have long been proven to be fraudulent although they remain in some textbooks). The drawings assume to show that the human embryo is much like that of other species (as if that would mean anything in the first place, this would only speak to the fluid, interpretive nature of the soft science side of biology). The claim is that in its development, the human embryo actually retraces its evolutionary heritage. The embryo is a fish, an amphibian, etc., and finally a human. This allows the comfort of believing that if an embryo is aborted, the mother is merely putting to death a fish or frog and not a human-person.


Here are some relevant essays and books.


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Note: [1] The Encyclopedia of Wars (New York: Facts on File, 2005) was compiled by nine history professors who specifically conducted research for the text for a decade in order to chronicle 1,763 wars.

The survey of wars covers a time span from 8000 BC to 2003 AD.

From over 10,000 years of war 123 wars, which is 6.98 percent, are considered to have been religious wars. Moreover, half of those were involved Islam.


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