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Abortion is still the defining issue of our time

Does the US Constitution include the rights of the unborn?  The Supreme Court has been on the wrong side before and may be again on abortion.
Does the US Constitution include the rights of the unborn? The Supreme Court has been on the wrong side before and may be again on abortion.

The parallels are remarkably the same concerning whether it is moral or not. That question refuses to be addressed by those for abortion.

That moral imperative was finally addressed regarding slavery which had similar moral issues. Diminished rights and recognition of blacks as persons, ownership of another human, state right’s verses constitutional rights, and do blacks have a right to self-determination.

The status of the fetus in the mother’s womb has precisely the same issues that need to answered, however so far abortion forces have ignored these questions which is a huge factor to why the issue will not go away.

The viability of the fetus has been toyed with by Supreme Court Justices having absolutely no clue medically about survival of the fetus outside the womb in 1972. Medical advances have clearly put to question the first trimester barrier as premature babies born way before the arbitrary 30-week standard and surviving is not an unusual circumstance. Should we now expect abortions not to be performed after 25-weeks?

Another medical fallacy was unearthed in the late 1990s when it was discovered that the fetus nerve connectors were indeed active a lot sooner that what was claimed. Evidence is relentlessly being uncovered that “the lump of flesh” is not that at all as medical knowledge moves forward. What will medical science uncover in the next 10-years?

The facts scream…..we just don’t know, something abortion forces refuse to acknowledge. The evidence as brain wave activity can be used to determine functional human life, but not for the fetus in the womb. There are staggering contradictions as ignoring brain wave activity being routinely set aside to validate the practice of abortion.

The spiritual significance is absolute since God’s standard clearly establishes the worth of a baby in the womb with Scriptural references as “before you were in your mother’s womb, I knew you”. There is a standard also of a drunken brawler being required to recompense a pregnant female for losing her baby. The shedding of innocent blood is something God hates which is stipulated in Proverbs 6: 16-18.

The smokescreen of an alleged war on women or women’s rights does not address the question that reflects the same moral issues of slavery. The autonomy of slaves or the unborn are in the hands of somebody else should be the core issue, not the false manufactured issues the abortions proponents make for those opposing abortion.

During slavery the spiritual issue was thrown out that “blacks did not have a soul”, thus justifying the church position for being pro-slavery. Steps to dehumanize are effective ways to encourage barbaric behavior towards any group. It worked with slavery, it worked against the Jews during the Holocaust, and it is working with abortion.

Both Ronald Reagan and Hillary Clinton stated that abortion would be the defining issue of our time. Both represent the opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum and this observation is playing out in the critical execution of Obamacare and health care in general.

However the focal issues of whether an abortion is ethically and morally correct has not been legitimately examined. As with the case of slavery, no consideration is given towards the ones enslaved, but only the whims of the slave-owners are being weighed. Rights and wishes of the slave-owners were discussed, but not much concern was voiced about the conditions slaves existed.

The exact tactics are being used in the abortion issue, the concern of the prospective mother is shown without much consideration given to the baby that is temporarily using the womb. The rights of the mother are discussed, however the rights of the unborn are not only ignored, but the potential baby is devalued as a human being. This same process was perpetrated on the black race to substantiate slavery.

Respect for human life has been severely devalued since it is in the female womb. If a fertilized egg bearing the same life potential was found in space, there would be triumphant declarations about life being found outside of our planet Earth. Since the same life circumstance is commonly found on our planet, the fertilized egg is not worthy of any serious reverence.

Ridiculous political pontifications have been given legs by repeating the same rhetoric without putting authentic consideration to the genuine issues aforementioned. Nobody in their right mind would declare war on women or undermine the collective rights of women.

Until there is honest dialogue presented to why abortion should be done and the real issues addressed, there will be no capitulation to why an abortion should be done. Inconvenience or not wanting a baby are poor reasons to end another’s life. These two reasons evaporated when unprotected sex was engaged which is by far the main reason pregnancy takes place.

Fifty years from now people will be looking back during this time frame the same way we now look back on the time of slavery and ask, “What were they thinking? All the signs pointed towards intelligent life and still the slaughter of the unborn was allowed. What about all the babies right to live?”

A lie told often enough does become true.

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