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Abortion Doctor Tiller honored at fundraiser for women’s rights

Insisting that we must fight for our democratic rights and the separation of Church and state, National Organization for Women President Liz Carson got the night started for the “2nd annual Colleen Kelly Johnston She/He Made a Difference Award.”
The awards are named after Colleen Kelly Johnston, a long time advocate for women, gays and other minorities in Wichita and Kansas. She died on August 21, 2012. The even honors those who have made a difference in women’s rights in Wichita. This year’s honor was the late Dr. George Tiller, a late term abortion provider who was murdered on May 31, 2009, by anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder,
“We need to defend democracy and the separation of church and state,” Carson said.” Let’s defeat the voices of those who use their religion to take away our rights.”
“Each year we celebrate Roe v. Wade,” Carson added. “That changed the political projection. I always felt women must be in control of their health and their bodies.”
Carson said that court cases can be overturned the anti-abortion groups can be over-come.
“They (anti-abortion groups) keep lobbying in Topeka,” she added. She referred to some of their acts as bizarre stunts.
Tiller’s widow and other family members were there along with several friends who told stories about their time with Tiller.
“I was back from Seattle for the Summer of Mercy and he asked me to work for him,” said Julie Burkhart, former Tiller employee and present manager of South Wind Women's Center, the present abortion clinic that has replaced the practice of Tiller. “I said I wasn’t sure. He said ‘you have four hours to decide.”
She said yes and worked for him for 7 years.
“He was a hero of mine, heart and soul,” Burkhart added. ”I miss him every day. He helped me learn wisdom.”
She said he was both a boss and a friend. She thanked Tillers family members for helping out in the event.
“We all know he made a difference in women’s lives, “ she added.
The event included a silent auction, cash bar and dinner, all used to raise funds to support feminist causes here in Kansas.

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