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Abortion and "Women's Health" are not Synonymous

Especially during an election, we hear a lot about women's health, and less about what "women's health" really is: abortion. It was all over the Democratic convention and it is one of the most prominent issues discussed by Democrats who prefer ignorance and legalization of murder to being informed and protecting every life.

Who's going to say "I am against women having a right to receive healthcare?" Nobody who has a reason to be elected into office. And so they use the general term of "women's health" as a euphemism for murder in the form of abortion. So this way they can say that people who don't support murder are against healthcare for women, when in fact the person just has an actual respect for human life.

If a woman is pregnant, it is due to her choice to put herself in a position where she is able to get pregnant, unless the pregnancy is a result of rape. I am definitely pro-choice, but not pro-murder. Women should have the right to choose whether or not they risk pregnancy, and they do have that right here in America. However, no person has the right to choose whether an innocent baby has the right to live. It's disturbing that it is even considered an option, and is a sign of our country's downfall. "Choice" and "women's health" are two words that should have nothing to do with abortion, but the ignorance and self-centeredness of our country shines through when elected or hoping-to-be elected people use these terms in a way to gain votes.

It's a good thing that voting is confidential. Otherwise, anyone who supports these people would publicly be announcing, "I am ignorant. I do support murder. My or anyone else's convenience is more significant than the life of a child." Don't be ignorant or support murder. Human life is more important than convenience. That's why I am completely content with and proud to say that I am against what is referred to as "women's health" in campaigns.


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