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Abortion and Breast Cancer the Studies Are Conclusive

Do you wonder why science has lost so much credibility?
Do you wonder why science has lost so much credibility?
By Randy Pope

Abortion is wrong because it is the act of killing little children. Nothing more need be said to condemn this activity. As long as it is legal women need to know that several studies have indicated an increased risk of breast cancer for women who have had an abortion. If only government were as cautious with all issues as they have been with the link between abortion and breast cancer.

Killing defenseless little children should not be legal, therefore it should not be necessary to investigate studies about a link between abortion and breast cancer. Since it is legal you should know some facts about this issue. As of 2008 thirty-seven studies on this issue had been conducted. Of these studies 28 have shown an increased health risk for women who end their pregnancy prematurely. One study, conducted by Janet Daling (a pro-abortionist), of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle, Washington indicated a 50% increase in the rate of cancer, with the highest risks being for girls who had an abortion under the age of 18 or women who were at least 30.

The first published study demonstrating this link was conducted by Dr. M.C. Pike at the University of Southern California in 1981. Other studies that indicate a relationship between abortion and breast cancer are a study by the British Medical Association, one by the Istanbul Medical Faculty and the Magee-Womens Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, and a study by H.L. Howe using statistics from the New York Health Department. Dr. Joel Brind, professor of Biology and Endocrinology at Baruch College, compiled almost every study taken since 1957. He concluded that there is a 30% higher risk of cancer for women who terminate their pregnancies.

Opponents of a Biblical ethic would rather see women contract breast cancer than to admit the evidence of its link to induced abortion. They have hitched their cart to a recent study conducted by Dr. Mads Melbye. The problem with this is not only that his study is in the minority of all studies on this subject, but that the data is skewed by a blatant flaw in scientific methodology. For 20 years, Dr. Melbye studied a group of women who carried all their pregnancies to term, but for only 10 years, he studied a group of women who had abortions. The incidence rate for breast cancer increases from 1 in 2,525 before age 30 to 1 in 93.4 by age 45. Not only were the women who carried their pregnancies to term studied for a longer period of time, they were studied into the period of time when the prevalence of breast cancer increases, while the women who had terminated their pregnancies were not.

The preponderance of evidence indicates a health risk to women that is being ignored for ideological reasons. Edward J. Furton M.A.,Ph.D. Says, “There is a great deal at stake here. When the public learns that the causal link between abortion and breast cancer has been downplayed by the scientific community – for reasons that are ideological rather than factual – the feeling of betrayal will be strong.”

Killing unborn children should not be legal, but as long as it is you need to know that it also causes health risks for the mother. The biggest lie perpetrated by the pro-abortionist cabal is that legalization made it safe. This link is only one of many examples of the falsity of that argument.

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