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Aborted babies used to power hospitals

Dead babies are being use to power hospitals.
Dead babies are being use to power hospitals.

Aborted babies have been used to power the furnaces at hospitals in England. In addition to using aborted babies, the hospital also used miscarried babies. According to a March 24 report by the Daily Mail, English hospitals have burned 15,500 dead babies in the past two years.

The miscarried and aborted babies were used to heat the hospital. Those babies were placed in the “waste-to-energy” furnaces that generate the power for the hospital. This was done without the permission of the babies' mothers. Those mothers were unaware of what would happen to the miscarried and aborted babies.

“Oh, dear Jesus,” Cathy Travis, a mother of two from Oklahoma City, said. “That is what the Nazis did to the Jews. They just burned them. It makes me wonder how dead babies are used here. We know they've been experimented on. This is like that movie 'Soylent Green' where they used people as food and no one knew about it.”

Dan Poulter, the health minister, issued an order to stop using dead babies to power the hospitals. He called the practice “totally unacceptable.” He went on to say that “it must stop now.” This practice had been used at least since 2011.

At the time of publication, it was unknown how long the practice of burning dead babies to power hospitals had been used. It was also unknown how many babies had been used to power those hospitals.