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Abolish the TSA

Chaos, indignity, violation, indecency; all of these have resulted from government’s supposed efforts to prevent chaos, indignity, violation, and indecency. And all of these iniquities come to every person traveling by air in the United States—even through Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport—courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a federal government agency that systematically drains $8.1 billion of perfectly good wealth from the American People and yet has failed to capture an actual terrorist.

After all of the uproar over enhanced security screenings of air passengers, any thinking person should wonder if now is the time.

With anger at government meeting and surpassing the levels during the Revolution, with a newly-elected Congress whose main promise was to reduce government interference in peoples’ lives, with ballooning government deficits and out of control spending threatening to destroy the economic futures of every American and Minnesotan, could now be the time to abolish the TSA?

Abolition of the TSA will reduce government spending by over $8 billion per year; yes, that’s money American taxpayers will get back. Abolition of the TSA will turn airports into more civilized places as blue-shirted agents hell-bent on inciting riots will be removed from already stressful and volatile situations. And abolition of the TSA will indeed make the skies safer since passengers will be demanded to step up and take responsibility for their situations and not be disempowered from doing so. Presently, the message telegraphed to passengers is that they should stand idly, defenselessly, and passively by awaiting their slaughter.

If all of those newly-elected Congressmen wish to be taken seriously about reducing government, then they cannot abolish the TSA quickly enough.



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