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AbleGamers Foundation partners with IndieGala

The AbleGamers Foundation has partnered with IndieGala.
The AbleGamers Foundation has partnered with IndieGala.
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The bundle service IndieGala will now be offering The AbleGamers Foundation as a charity option on gaming packages and bundles. AbleGamers supports disabled gamers and promotes accessibility and accessibility awareness in the interactive entertainment industry. AbleGamers focuses on enabling children and adults with disabilities with the ability to experience and enjoy video games.

Fans of other popular bundles such as the Humble Indie Bundle already know the deal - Simply move the donation slider towards the appropriate charity, developer, or bundle provider and allocate things as desired.

Methods such as this one are becoming increasingly popular options for highlighting and contributing to charities and indie developers. While many of these packages can be picked up for nominal fees, many contributors opt to donate much more than the minimum amount in order to give back to causes.

“I could not be more pleased,” says Steve Spohn, Editor-In-Chief of AbleGamers. “We are a charity, but we do our best to give back to those who support our mission and partnering with such a wonderful bundle service will allow our donors to receive something other than the wonderful feeling of supporting disabled gamers for their donations.”

“IndieGala is proud to support such a wonderful cause as AbleGamers,” says Riccardo Rosapepe, Lead Manager of IndieGala. “We have so much love and respect for gamers with disabilities. It feels really good to give back to the community that supports us.”

IndieGala bundles more than a dozen games and music together in a pay what you want format. The current bundle on tap features Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, The Void, and Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty for any donation. Players that opt to donate over $6.25 will receive Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Ion Assault, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Cargo The Quest for Gravity and Commandos 3: Destination Brain.

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