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Abigail Hernandez, 15, home after 9 months missing: FBI still probes for clarity

Abigail Hernandez home after 9 months missing. The 15-year-old New Hampshire teen missing for 9 months.
Abigail Hernandez home after 9 months missing. The 15-year-old New Hampshire teen missing for 9 months.

Abigail Hernandez, a teen who went missing on her way home from school nine months ago, was been reunited with her family on Monday. Hernandez went missing without any money, extra clothes and she didn't get in touch with any family members or friends the entire time she was gone except for one letter she sent to her mother last winter, according to ABC News on July 22.

This bizarre missing person's case is still baffling because it is not known where the 15-year-old was for the last nine months or who she was with, according to the FBI. "We are quite literally still in the throes of getting clarity on this," said Kieran L. Ramsey, assistant special agent, who is in charge of the FBI's Boston division. This is also the division that oversees FBI operations in New Hampshire, reports The Boston Globe today.

When the 15-year-old went missing it was thought she may have gone willing with with someone, but the FBI thought that after a while she may have been coerced into staying or maybe even being held against her will. She took nothing with her and her last communications from her phone to her family and friends was on the day that she disappeared.

One lone letter from Abagail was received by her mother in November of last year, which gave very little information but helped the family continue with the hope that she was still alive somewhere. The FBI continued classifying this case as a missing person even once the letter was received, so this didn't appear to be just the case of a teen running away from home and staying away of her own free will.

Law enforcement thought she might have left of her own free will with someone who would not let her return, but again the details in this case are being investigated and even the FBI reports they are still looking for some of these answers.

Zenya Hernandez led the efforts to bring her daughter Abigail home with social network postings and an offer of $10,000 for any information on her whereabouts.

The FBI kicked in another $20,000 and the campaign to " was launched. Abigail's father added $30,000 to that reward bringing the total to $60,000 for help in finding the teen.

It is not known if someone heard of this reward and tipped off authorities for a payday, or if Abigail just walked into her family's house on her own. The details around the teen's return and disappearance are extremely sketchy today.

The family is thrilled, over joyed and crying tears of happiness as you can only image to have Abigail back home after nine long months missing. For now they want some privacy and law enforcement is giving the family some space with Abigail at this time.

The investigation into the teen's missing is still on-going and detectives from local law enforcement, as well as the FBI will continue with this case until they have all the answers. As one sheriff's deputy said, in a case like this usually the missing person is gone after a week or two, meaning the person is found dead.

This case was rare as nine months passed and Abigail is home alive and well. Authorities report she looks to be fine and in good health. So where was the teen?

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