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Abercrombie & Fitch, The Look and Legends

Abercrombie & Fitch. How does this brand have such good clothes and stay at its best for over one hundred years? Let us face it when we have to admit The Look so popular in college is really that -- the best? Abercrombie's casual chic (yes, chic) look is never cheap, never kitsch or anything else of that type.

"Casual" clothing is considered not formal and carrying class. "Chic" is customary to strive for by anyone who cares and means it is stylish with perfect upkeep. Don't worry, casual and chic are loose enough for the right guys to say their t-shirt is cool. Every casual look by someone respectable is chic.

Abercrombie is always both, never better, and of course good clothes. If you've been in recently, I hope you've noticed the black clothes. If nothing take home maybe the leather jacket if it's your thing or either/or good pants or a good shirt.

The price-point of Abercrombie is great to keep your chic look strong and is so affordable but since its an incredible investment is easily the best of casual.

For the fall, a better bootie is what we ask our ladies to get so I will lead you to some great shoes. Look for something like J.Crew plain and simple camel leather booties almost, but not; and casual (follow the rules, ha!) with accented buckles and thick heels.

Honestly, I bet Asia would do it. All those cute girls that look alike keep style together and of course shop right til they drop so it is real smooth. Guys, just look for some great boots of your own and well, nice clothes.

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