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Abductee says some group or entity is monitoring his activity

Anyone who is an alien abductee knows that these experiences come with a heavy price. Call it paranoia if you will but the fact remains that abductees often find themselves the victims of some kind of covert surveillance and in some cases, more severe punishment.

A large majority of them found that they became targets of constant monitoring activity. Unfortunately however, whoever is conducting this covert activity does so under a dark veil of secrecy.

Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario has felt that anonymous and insidious behavior steadily increasing in his life.

“It does appear that something is knocking at my door and will not stop,” Shishis said. “I known since back in 2004 that a human agency emerged monitoring me as a third party.”

He said his family members have also noticed “suspicious activity,” including telephone wire tapping and even having someone listen in on calls. Shishis has also been followed by unmarked black helicopters” on quite a number of occasions. Back on March 4, 2004, this type of helicopter followed him from his workplace in Scarborough, Ontario all the way back to his home in Oshawa.

This happened in mid-afternoon but of course no one else would notice unless he or she was the one being tracked. However since 2007, his co-workers have noticed the presence of the helicopters, since Shishis began pointing them out.

On July 4, 2014, he saw a strange UFO while on a break at his work in Scarborough. The following day at 11:47 a.m., he again saw a black helicopter fly right over his home that was identical to ones he had seen before.

“Again the timing makes one wonder,” he said. “This again confirms another party is monitoring me and or what’s around me. That’s the only conclusion one could make of these observations that have happened and still do today.”

Despite the prevalence of these helicopters, Shishis said most of the aircraft have been military planes.

“At times I get excited over the UFOs I have witnessed and marvel with amazing thoughts when I remembered them.” But there are also times that he finds quite frustrating due to the “cat and mouse game” that someone or some agency – government, military or otherwise - is playing with him and never directly “face to face.”

Although he admitted that some of the objects he captured on film might be man made, he also knows that many of them definitely were not.

“I know what I have seen,” he said. “No one can tell me different!” Due to their appearance, size, high rate of speed and even “state of matter,” he said, they are definitely not from earth. “There is truly a high percentage that indeed is NOT man made.”

In fact, he added, some even appeared to be “inter-dimensional,” which has given him an expanded view of the “trueness of matter” and confirms even more that. “we are not alone.” The big question is whether these alien entities are “good or evil” and if some from inter-dimensional realms might appear only in spirit form.

Add to this the ongoing surveillance by an unknown source and his daily life has often become difficult to manage let alone understand.

“It tortures the psyche to comprehend it all!” Shishis exclaimed.

But Shishis, who is a hard working family man, takes some comfort in knowing that he is not alone. There are countless stories of abductees who have been consistently harassed. Stan Romanek of Loveland, Colorado is an abductee, along with his wife and son. He
has not only had his phone tapped and conversations monitored, but has also been followed, had his home broken into and his computer hacked but also received warnings and death threats by mail, email and phone calls, all from unnamed sources.

In some cases, abductees have become fatally ill while others have been deemed insane and put away where they cannot talk about their experiences. In Romanek's case, it became obvious over time that his computer had been tampered with and today, he is facing charges due to child porn, which investigators say they found on his computer. What better way is there to silence him than to throw him in jail and out of the public spotlight.

Betty Andreasson Luca of South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, an abductee along with her entire family, has experienced the frequent presence of black unmarked helicopters over her home. Others include abductees Debbie Jordan and Melinda Leslie.

In once case, the husband of an abductee became the target. Dr. Karla Turner was always quite open about what happened to her. In fact she quite her job as a Texas university teacher so she could help other abductees deal with their experiences. It was her husband, Elton, also known as Casey, who “was drugged and transported to an underground installation and subjected to an in depth interrogation by the military.” He added that there were “a number of other people there, all equally drugged and primed for interrogation.”

There have even been cases that some UFO investigators believe resulted in the deaths of abductees. Turner died of cancer shortly after being threatened. There are cases that appear much more obvious such as that of Phil Schneider of Willsonville, Oregon, who was a structural engineer who worked for the government building underground military bases in the U.S. He claimed he was “one of only three people to survive an incident that occurred in 1979 between Grey aliens and the U.S. military forces at the Dulce underground base.”

During the final two years of his life, he presented lectures on “government cover-ups, black budgets and UFOs.” In May 1975, he lectured in which he spoke of building 129 bases that were tantamount to underground cities, about military technology increasing 44.5 years with each year that passes, his father’s involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment, the fire fight at Dulce during which he was shot in the chest, his fear of covert government activity involving trillions of dollars, such as a secret contract to build 107,200 prisoner railroad cars with “143 pairs of shackle” that could hold thousands of people and monies spent on 64,000 black helicopters, a secret earthquake device and much more.

In January, 1996 a friend of Schneider's tried to contact him for several days. Finally, he went to his apartment with the landlord and a detective to check on him. Schneider had been dead for between five and seven days. Although the coroner stated his death was the result of a stroke, a further investigation by another coroner revealed that “a rubber hose” was wrapped tightly around his neck “three times” and “tied in a knot – a sure sign of murder despite a conclusion that he must have committed suicide.

If that were not enough, his wife discovered that his apartment had been broken into and everything related to UFOs, including his extensive notes and military photos were taken but not anything of financial value. As well, blood was found on the floor but not on Schneider or anything else.

Schneider had previously said that “19 attempts” had been made on his life to stop him from talking. His worst fear had finally come true.

“If they ever say I have committed suicide, you will know that I have been murdered,” he once said.

The questions still remain: who is doing these terrible things to people and can they be stopped? Probably not. This leaves abductees facing a double-edged sword of abuse. Not only are they victimized by aliens but also the powers that be - whoever they might be. It is a sad and terrifying situation for abductees.

The only way that they could be helped is when and if full disclosure on the UFO and alien issue occurs. Their plight would then become public knowledge and the constant harassment would have to be stopped. However, at this point it appears that disclosure is out of the question. Could it be that the same people who continually deny the alien presence are the same ones who carry out this covert activity?

That in itself would be reason enough for them to maintain the veil of secrecy and continue to cover up their crimes.

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