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Abducted child found locked in bathroom by neighbor

David Ledet
David Ledet
St. Tammany Parrish Sheriff's Office

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office did an excellent job recovering a missing 6-year-old boy from Louisiana. On Friday, they released a statement about the boy who was abducted from the front lawn of his home.

The boy, whose identity has been kept private was playing outside in front of his house in Abita Springs on Wednesday. His mother went to use the restroom and when she came back he was gone. She called the police and a neighbor, David Ledet, told her and the police that he had seen the boy get into a white car, reports WWL News.

The police questioned Ledet about the incident and the more they questioned him the more suspicious they became. Police went to his home and searched and found the boy locked in his bathroom.

"Deputies decided to search the home and pretty quickly found the six-year-old locked in a bathroom," Sheriff Jack Strain told WWL news on Friday.

Interestingly, posts on the website said that isn't the way that it happened at all.

"This whole story is blown out of proportion! The guy is a drunk, not a predator. The kid was not allowed to go to the store the other kids, so the little boy ran in the back door of Ledet's residence and went and hid in the bathroom which was unlocked. He (Ledet) thought the boy got in the car to go to the store with the other kids. Boy found in bathroom later unharmed, and Ledet is arrested for kidnapping because he was drunk and refused to let police enter his residence to search for the boy. No history of this man ever harming a child. It is not something he would do. I love how people draw conclusions from what they read and make comments when they no nothing!" posted abiticianlady.

"Ledet was acting uneasy or a little strange," said Sheriff Jack Strain. He said detectives believed Ledet was being less than forthcoming with some questions they were asking him.

The police believe he abducted the child and subsequently arrested him and charged him with kidnapping.

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