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ABC Shortens The Number Of Episodes Slated For “Killer Women”

"Killer Women"
"Killer Women"

The ABC show, “Killer Women” which starred Sofia Vergara had their season shortened by two episodes. Originally the show was scheduled to have eight episodes. Due to poor ratings, ABC has decided to cut this number by two. This means that the show will only air six episodes in total.

The show will continue at its original time slot at Tuesdays at 10 pm until February 25, 2014. At this time, Christian Slater’s new show, “Mind Games” will air.

Fans of the show may be sad that they won’t get to see the total eight shows that ABC originally committed to showing. However, they shouldn’t be surprised. In fact, they should be surprised that ABC didn’t cancel the show all together. The show has seen poor ratings since its first episode. In fact, it saw the second lowest premiere this fall. During their second week, they only saw 0.7 ratings share. This was a drop of 22 percent from their premiere episode.

Currently, the show has four more shows left to air.