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ABC’s TV drama ‘Motive’ news

Cast of ABC's Motive
Cast of ABC's Motive
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Air date March 6, 2014

ABC’s police whodunit ‘Motive’ returns on March 6 for a second season. Much like the formula used for television's classic ‘Columbo,’ the audience discovers right away the identities of the killer and victim. But unlike ‘Columbo,’ we have to wait until the police sort it all out to learn the motive. It is an interesting concept layered with mystery and flashbacks as the audience, along with the police, try to piece together the connections.

Season 2 kicks off with an episode entitled ‘Raw Deal.’ Detectives Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Oscar Vega (Louis Ferreira) are investigating a suspected suicide victim who may have had unsolicited help in ending his life. Prior to his death, the victim did seek out someone and finding that someone will eventually lead the detectives to the motive. Angie’s focus, however, is hampered somewhat when Max Cross (Warren Christie), who shares a past with her, joins the team as the new commander. The details about their relationship is not something Angie wants to come to light.

Lauren Holly plays medical examiner Dr. Betty Rogers. Guest stars set to appear this season include Jennifer Beals and Corbin Bernsen.