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ABC's Rising Star continues tonight

Another Nashville area singer to audition for first round on Rising Star, tonight on ABC. Eighteen year old vocalist April Lockhart will sing and try to raise the wall tonight. If she impresses the judges and America, she could join Sarah Darling, another Nashville area singer who raised the wall last week on the premier episode.
Rising Star has over four hundred thousand Facebook likes already, and it has only been a week since the premiere. Wikipedia reported 5.2 million viewers for the first episode. The question now is, are those viewers hooked? Will they return for week two, three, and so on. There are three weeks of qualifier episodes. Then there are three weeks of duels before the final rounds to see who ultimately will win. Viewers do not yet know how the last few rounds will go. Everyone is just going along with it week by week until everyone figures out how the show is run.
Last week viewers downloaded the app and watched as they learned how to vote for contestants. You open your app on your phone at the start of the show. It tells you when to check in and when to vote. If you are going to vote for the next contestant it will tell you who the contestant is and ask you to check in. The percentage of the vote for each contestant it based off of percentage of votes from those checked in to vote for that performer. The judge’s vote boosts the percentage. Each judge gets a seven percent vote boost.
Have you joined the Rising Star craze yet? If not tune in tonight on ABC and vote your heart out. Remember though, this is only the first round! If you want to hear more from the performer vote them into the next round! Don’t let the good ones slip away.

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