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ABC's 'Resurrection' heats up Twitter with series premiere

Omar Epps
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

ABC's “Resurrection” has been highly anticipated by fans. After airing the first episode, Twitter has been burning up with tweets both loving and hating the show. On March 9, the official “Resurrection” Twitter page asked fans to retweet a picture if they would be watching, and the photo got nearly 2500 retweets. Several fans have called the show creepy, while others have said they cannot wait for next week. Will this be the next big hit that ABC has been trying to get?

“Resurrection” begins with a young boy, Jacob waking up in China. As it plays out, fans find out this little boy (supposedly) drowned 32 years ago. How is this even possible? When the agent (played by Omar Epps) drives him to Arcadia, Missouri, things get complicated. Jacob knows all about his life, or the life the little boy who died had. A man is mentioned by Jacob several times and it is inferred that the man is bad. Fans find that at the end, the man who is following Jacob and looking creepy is actually the father of Jacob's cousin's best friend. Fans have questioned whether or not he is “good” or “bad,” with the majority betting on bad.

As the season unfolds, more “dead” people find their way to Arcadia. “Resurrection” previews make fans believe they are all connected, but how? Several questions have arose and speculations are beginning to circulate. “Resurrection” airs Sunday nights on ABC at 8 p.m. CT.

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