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ABC's Nashville will stay in Music City for season three

music city
music city
Photo by Rusty Russell/Getty Images

ABC’s Nashville will stay in music city for the third season. Only one day after the season finale the question has been answered. Last summer it took much longer to hear about the fate of ABC’s Nashville. This year it was within a day of the season finale. Of course, several viewers argued that of course the stars would want to film closer to home, but Hayden Panettiere, for example, bought a home in Nashville last year once season two was to be filmed locally in the music city.
ABC production and producers made the right decision here. The show would not be the same without the feel of the real music city. Those extras are sometimes tourists, but mainly locals from the area. Some are people who just want to badly to be part of the show, some want a chance to see a star in person, and some are even actors looking to get a glimpse into entertainment reality.
So what did it cost to keep ABC’s Nashville in music city? WKRN reported it tonight at 10PM as breaking news. $8 million in incentives is what is keeping Nashville here locally in music city. It is split up as $5.5 million from the state, $1 million from Metro, $500,000 from the CVC event marketing fund, $500,000 from the CVC (Convention and Visitor Center, and $500,000 from Ryman Hospitality.
WKRN will have more of the story tomorrow on Nashville’s News 2.