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ABC Renews ‘General Hospital’ For Another Season

General Hospital
General Hospital

Yes, “General Hospital” has been receiving some of the highest ratings they have seen in years. Yes, this can be contributed to the fact that many familiar faces keep popping up on the canvas such as the always entertaining Heather Webber, who never seems to die, the charming Lucy Coe, and the flirty Scotty Baldwin. Yet, fans know from experience that high ratings don’t mean that a show, especially a soap opera won’t be cancelled, especially if it airs on ABC. Yet, fans of the show can breathe a sigh of relief, for now. ABC has finally announced that they will be renewing this fan favorite, which has aired for fifty years, for another season.

Two years ago, there were fears that “General Hospital” would be cancelled, like their sister shows “One Life To Live,” and “All My Children.” At that time, the ratings for “General Hospital” was not as high as they are now. In fact, they were lower than “One Life To Live’s” ratings. Yet, fans continued to watch the show. As the show brought back familiar faces from the 80s and 90s, the ratings continued to rise.

Then the tie in between “One Life To Live” and “General Hospital” began. Three actors from “One Life To Live” appeared on “General Hospital.” This helped the show’s ratings grow even more. Then a dispute began between Prospect Park and ABC over these characters. This dispute is currently being debated in court. This caused “General Hospital” to write new characters for two of these character and allowed one of the actors to take over the role of a controversial character and redefined it.

During all of this, the ratings of “General Hospital,” continued to climb. In fact, if they continue to do as good as they are now; they may see ratings higher than they have in seven years!

In the end, is it the ratings that made ABC decide to give this icon of a show another season? It may be the ratings. Of course, ABC may not want to deal with the wrath of even more angry soap fans by cancelling this remaining ABC soap.

If ABC was smart, they would help increase these ratings by marketing the show more. They should advertise it more during their primetime hours and through social media.


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