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ABC 'Killer Women' murdered by low TV ratings goes out with a wimper

"Daughter of the Alamo" episode
"Daughter of the Alamo" episode
ABC Television

Killer Women” (ABC) has been removed from the network's prime-time line up after only 6 episodes. 8 episodes were ordered & the remaining two have been shelved. It is up to the producers if those remaining episodes will ever see the light of day. Six weeks ago, “Women” premiered to no-so-great TV numbers. It will be replaced by a new TV show called, “Mind Games.”

7 episodes of “Women” were filmed entirely at Albuquerque, N.M. The TV pilot was shot in Texas before the entire production moved to “The Land of Enchantment.” It employed more than 100 crew members plus hired 250 background extras. The TV show captured the scenic backgrounds of Santa Fe & Albuquerque at its' best.

The final episode of “Women” was called, “Daughter of the Alamo” which aired Tuesday Feb. 18, 2014 at 10/9 p.m. In the overnight TV ratings it grabbed 3.17 million TV viewers overall. In the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic it reached only 0.6. The trend now for TV cancellation is the dredded 0.7 adult TV rating.

A repeat episode of “Person of Interest” (CBS) grabbed 6.40 million TV viewers. It reached 1.1 with adults. The Winter Olympics (NBC) 8-11 p.m. grabbed 18.47 million TV viewers overall. It reached 4.8 with adults.

Killer Women” starred, Tricia Helfer (Ranger Molly Parker), Marta Milans (Becca Parker), Michael Trucco (Billy Parker), Marc Blucas (DEA Agent Dan Winston) & Alex Fernandez (Commander Luis Zea).

This was the remake of the Argentine crime show called, “Mujeres Asesinas.” It surrounded the work of a female Texas Ranger named Molly Parker. She would spend the entire episode chasing down women who had committed homicide. It was practically a one-woman show with Molly appearing in every scene. The show also focused on Molly's close knit family with her brother & his wife, Molly's boyfriend & her own husband with whom she had been separated from. She only interacted with her boss too.

Daughter of the Alamo” of-course had the latest murder committed by a woman. It also tied up Molly's divorce from her husband which took 6 episodes to resolve. Her brother Billy, spent three episodes hiding his transportation of drugs for money. He got caught by Molly's DEA agent boyfriend. Billy's wife is pregnant & their daughter is later kidnapped.

Killer Women” didn't have time to find a TV audience. You can watch full episodes at the official ABC website. You will have to name your internet provider to watch the last & final episode. The previous 5 episodes can screened for free on other Internet platforms.

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