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ABC debate worst ever

ABC debate
ABC debate

If you were to read the mainstream headlines today, as usual, they tell you the candidates in last night’s debate went after the front runner Mitt Romney. That is not an accurate statement. If you watched the debate you would think that Ron Paul was the front runner. He is in second place in most polls but not even close to Mitt Romney. Out of the gate the ABC hosts threw a few softballs to Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich. When it came Ron Paul’s turn they unloaded on Paul. The media is very scared of Ron Paul for some unknown reason.

George Stephanopoulos is often accused of being bias but when it comes to Ron Paul there is no question. He does not have much respect for Ron Paul and isn’t afraid to show it. Take a look at the end of this interview from the last election. In last nights debate George got in a few punches. Once when something went wrong with Ron Paul’s mic George said “they caught you lying.” Then He went on to bring up two campaign ads the Congressman’s campaign aired and threw Paul to the sharks. Of course the ads are accurate but if you didn’t know the candidates and you were not much into politics it could change your mind. That’s why it’s important for hosts to have integrity which was lacking last night.

Mitt Romney, although a moderate Republican, has integrity and showed it last night. He just sat back and watched quietly while the sharks chewed on Ron as if to say are we going to have an intelligent debate? It was quite comical. That was not however the worst part of the debate if you can believe that. The single worst part is when host Diane Sawyer said as the candidates started discussing the Constitution, “Let’s get away from the Constitution and move on to something a little closer to home.” Really? Then she went on to ask about gay marriage. How exactly is that subject closer to home than the Constitution given all that has transpired in the past four years?

The best moment was when Ron Paul was asked to take back his “chicken hawk statement. I was a bit surprised to see the main stream media agree on this clip. Over all this was the worst debate we have seen so far, absolutely tasteless and dirty. Perhaps next time ABC should host these debates. VIDEO.