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Abby's Animal Angels update on sweet SC dog found shot in Spartanburg County

Boomer after his rescue and the x-ray of his leg
Boomer after his rescue and the x-ray of his leg
Facebook: Abby's Animal Angels

An update is now in on Boomer, the dog saved today by upstate South Carolina rescue Abby's Animal Angels. They posted an update April 17 on their Facebook page.

This Examiner article, which was posted yesterday, will fill in the blanks as to what happened to this poor sweet dog.

Boomer was taken to two different vets today, where it was learned both bones in his lower leg are broken.. Although they are not displaced, there are a lot of shattered pieces and bone fragments the attending vet will have to deal with. Abby's Angels reported the extent of the damage, and what needs to be done.

"His elbow itself is also in 3 separate pieces. Dr. Grant's office has been kind enough to send to the Upstate Specialty Clinic for a consult to see if they think they could fix his leg via surgery or not."

If surgery won't correct the leg, then it will need to be amputated. As for now, Boomer is on antibiotics to prevent infection and two types of pain killers to help keep him comfortable.

The photos used for this article show Boomer shortly after his rescue(left) and his shattered leg(right). The vet has confirmed this is a bullet, and not bird shot or buck shot. Someone meant to kill him, and came very close to doing it.

Despite the harm done to him by humans, Boomer is a lover boy. The vet believes he's between 2 and 3 years old, and is definitely a Shar-Pei/retriever mix. Other than the severely injured leg, Boomer was given a clean bill of health.

Boomer is in the best of hands with Upstate Specialty Clinic. All of this costs money-lots of money. Abby's Animal Angels doesn't put cost before the life of an animal in their care. The rescue has always been confident in those who stand behind their work to pull together and donate until the goal for care is reached. Right now that goal is $1,200, but could go higher if Boomer has complications.

Boomer's webpage at GoFundMe can be reached by clicking here. More updates will be done on his condition as they become available.

The rescue also determined he was a stray found on Paris Bridge Road in Spartanburg. If anyone has information on who shot Boomer, they're asked to contact Abby's Animal Angels so the monster who did this can be brought to justice.

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