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Abby Lee Miller sued by mom Kelly Hyland over trauma: ‘Dance Moms’ news

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Abby Lee Miller is being sued by Kelly Hyland because she traumatized her daughter on “Dance Moms.” TMZ reports on Sunday that the mother claims Miller’s demands and abuse on the program forced her daughter Paige Hyland to get therapy. She adds that Miller also insulted her on a frequent basis by referring to her as an alcoholic.

Kelly blames the show for making her daughter’s panic attacks worse, and she had to seek therapy to overcome the trauma of being on “Dance Moms.” Kelly also feels that she acted inappropriately by giving her Tequila as a gift and calling her an alcoholic. Both Paige and her sister, Brooke, have appeared on the Lifetime show, but they will not be coming back next season.

Despite her issues with Miller, Kelly is not letting the drama stop her daughters from being in the spotlight again. Kelly, Paige and Brooke attended a fan event in Atlanta, so it appears that Paige has made progress in dealing with her panic attacks. Tickets for the event ranged from $40 to $100, and the more expensive option included the opportunity to have a VIP visit with the girls. They have branched out beyond dancing by taking an interest in singing and acting.

Kelly has planned a tour around the country with her daughters to meet fans. It is rumored that she is interested in having her own reality program that will include both Paige and Brooke. Although it is not clear if Lifetime would pick up a show starring the family, she is allegedly looking at other networks for options. Miller has not reacted to the rumors or the latest update on the lawsuit involving Kelly. She is focusing on her new show “Abby's Studio Rescue,” her new book and her new engagement to Michael Padula.

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