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Abby Lee Miller reveals fake staging on ‘Dance Moms’

Abby Lee Miller
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Abby Lee Miller is sharing exclusive details about “Dance Moms,” and she is not afraid to admit that some parts of the show have been staged. On Friday, Access Hollywood released a video interview with Miller that mentions her new book and upcoming season of the program. However, Miller adds confusion to the topic by mentioning the show is real, and only some things are affected by producers.

Miller’s new book focuses on her experiences in the dance studio and reveals information about her reality show “Dance Moms.” She admits that producers deliberately interfered in Maddie’s dance number by not allowing her to have enough time to practice. In addition, the camera crew did not give the other dancers enough space to perform and affected their ability to remember the steps of the routines. Miller claims she was furious but not able to change the Lifetime show’s behavior.

Miller’s decision to reveal that producers have used fake tactics to deliberately sabotage dancers has not affected the show’s future. She is still scheduled to appear in a new season of “Dance Moms.” Additionally, her new book mentions that she sometimes pushes her students on purpose to get specific results and knows her own tactics may not get the approval of the public.

During her interview with Access Hollywood, Miller could not discuss the Kelly Hyland lawsuit in detail, but it is clear the case is not over. Although she cannot talk about Hyland for legal reasons, Miller reveals that Lifetime often overrides her decisions on the show. If she wants to get rid of a person, the network will remind her of the contract and prevent her from exercising her threat. She also does not have the choice in selecting the mothers on the reality program and does not feel the producers support her.

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