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Abby Lee and the Dance Moms

Abby Lee
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Abby Lee Dance Company is fighting through some tough emotional and physical battles. This season has definitely had a different twist and mean streak compared to past seasons. The season began with viewers loosing Brooke and Paige. It was heartbreaking for viewers who watch the show because of all the kids. Most viewers watch the show and follow the girls as they grown into amazing teenagers and amazing dancers.
There has been some controversy and some powerful arguments this season. There have also been some emotionally powerful moments of the show. Abby Lee’s mother is deteriorating. Maddie and Chloe have worked with Mrs. Miller and they are affected by this upcoming change to their lives. There have been several tears shed, especially by those two children, during the last few weeks’ episodes.
Abby Lee is also piling on extra work for herself to help her deal with the upcoming death of her mother. Not only has she threatened that she was creating a whole new team, but as of next week, they are here. She is bringing in her new junior team to compete against her winning team. They have won thirteen times in a row, why would anyone want to replace them? It’s not about that though. It’s about adding the drama for the reality show they record. It is also for Abby to have an extra edge. She has two teams going to competitions. That means possibly more wins at more competitions that she can make to with one team.
As well as struggling to manage two teams and hold normal classes, as well as everything going on with her mother, Abby Lee is also working with McKenzie on her new music video. She is a huge part of the filming and choreography for the video. The girls are also performing in the music video, as well as learning there solos and group routines in only a few days before each weekends competition.
There are a million things going on at The Abby Lee Dance Company. The next few weeks should reveal more to viewers. What does this new team look like? When will Mrs. Miller’s passing be? What is to come for the original ALDC team? Tune in next week to get some answers.

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